Buy And Sell Jewelry And Gold

We buy and sell jewelry and gold daily at Geauga Pawn and Alliance Loan Company in Newbury & Alliance, Ohio. Since 1990 we’ve been selling to people looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry or heirloom piece and buying jewelry, gold, and other precious metals from those looking to make a little cash. Our pawnshop has an amazing selection of gold and silver rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. You will get top dollar for your gold and jewelry and find great items for sale at a fraction of the retail cost.

Items We Buy

No matter what you’re trying to sell, you will get the best offer if your piece is well taken care of, clean, functioning, and visually appealing. Compared to gold and platinum, silver has little value, and many pawnshops won’t accept silver jewelry, but we do.

We buy and loan money on:

  • Precious metals
  • Gemstones, including gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds
  • Sterling silver jewelry, coins, and silverware
  • Gold and gold jewelry that is ten karats or higher, even if it is broken or missing stones
  • Silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings
  • High-end watches, if they’re in good working order

Valuing Your Gold Or Jewelry

The value for diamonds and other gemstones is measured in karats, but the color, cut, and clarity of your gems also play a role. Diamonds may be sold either set in a precious metal or loose. In purity, gold is measured in karats, and the higher the purity, the more it’s worth, which means 24 karats are pure gold. Because pure gold is extremely soft, it’s usually mixed with other metals to make it stronger, which lowers the value.

Most gold pieces have markings announcing how many karats it is. For example, the karats of a ring are marked on the inside of the band. If you can’t find a karat marking, the jewelry may be plated, but you can always test the purity of the gold using a gold test kit. Pawnshops use test kits to determine purity when a piece is unmarked. Gold is priced by the ounce based on purity, but the actual value of gold fluctuates and can change rapidly.

Sell Jewelry And Gold

There are all sorts of jewelry items you can sell to our pawn shop, but the price you get can fluctuate, and certain types of jewelry sell better than others. The best jewelry to sell depends on several factors. One of the biggest is the type of metal used in a piece of jewelry since gold and platinum are worth much more per ounce than silver or gold-plated pieces. Current trends also affect the popularity as well as the demand for certain types of jewelry, which can affect how much we’ll pay for one piece.

The overall condition of your jewelry also impacts price and can determine whether we quote you the standard or scrap price. Because of its steady value and demand, gold is always an easy sell. Also, feel free to shop around and compare prices. We work off the base price of gold and generally pay you slightly less than its current value so that we may resell it for a profit.

Pawning Versus Selling

If you’re not ready to sell your jewelry or gold, but you need some quick cash, we also loan money, which is called pawning. We offer our customers a convenient way to borrow money by lending on your gold or jewelry. You can repurchase pawned items if you do it within the terms outlined on your pawn ticket.

Buying Jewelry And Gold

Buying gold is an easy way to invest in something that’s steadily increasing in value. One distinct advantage of buying jewelry from a pawn shop is that you typically pay much less than retail for the same quality. Pawnshop prices are normally 30% to 50% lower than retail costs.

Get The Most For Your Jewelry And Gold

Whether you’re selling or buying gold or a piece of jewelry, we are ready and able to offer you top dollar or give you the best price. We provide the best pawn shopping services for customers throughout the northeast Ohio area. Contact us today to learn more about buying and selling jewelry and gold at our shop.

Items We Are Looking For

We are buying and loaning on precious metals, gemstones, gold, silver, platinum, etc. You will get the best offer if your piece is well taken care of, clean, functioning and visually appealing.


10K gold or higher may be broken or missing stones, it doesn’t matter. Have jewelry to sell?