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Pawn Shop and Loans in Newbury Township, OH

Geauga Pawn

12244 Kinsman Rd,
Newbury Township, OH 44065
Phone: 440.564.2274

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5:30PM
Saturday: 9AM – 4PM

Whether you are looking for something new, or need to borrow money, Geauga Pawn can help. Located in Newbury Township, OH, we provide the best in pawn shopping services for customers throughout the Northeast Ohio area. Our merchandise features precious metals and jewelry, as well as recreational items, tools, electronics and firearms.

Our loans are available on a wide range of items of value. Simply bring in whatever you wish to pawn or sell, and we will appraise it and offer you a fair price right there and then. For pawned items, we offer the option to buy back within four months. Our store also features an extensive inventory of name-brand items. These include power tools, musical instruments, jewelry, firearms and much more. Visit Geauga Pawn in Newbury Township, OH, to see for yourself what we have to offer today.

Visit Geauga Pawn in Newbury Township, OH for:

  • Quality loans on items of value with the option to redeem within four months, regardless of level of credit or bank accounts;
  • Purchase and sale of gold, sterling silver, and other precious metals and valuables;
  • A fully stocked store of goods, including collectibles, sporting goods, musical instruments, accessories, power equipment, and firearms;
  • And more.

Looking To Buy or Sell A Firearm?

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