Gun Calibers

Before purchasing a firearm, remember that the caliber you choose has an impact on your shot. Many calibers are suitable for hunting different types of game, from small animals to deer and bears. As Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealers, Geauga Pawn and Alliance Loan Company provide an overview of this topic discussing several popular calibers to help you make the right choice.

What Is Caliber?

Caliber is the gun’s nominal bore diameter. It’s expressed in two units of measure: inches (in) or millimeters (mm). People often use caliber to describe their rifles and ammunition cartridges, but it can also refer to the cartridge case or the diameter of the bullet projectile.

A gun’s caliber may feature imperial or metric measurements, depending on the manufacturing location of its cartridge. For instance, a .50 Beowulf follows the imperial measurement and has a bullet diameter of approximately 50 in, whereas a 7mm Remington Magnum has a 7 mm diameter.

Not all caliber classifications correspond with an exact measurement or bullet size. In some cases, calibers are slightly larger or smaller than the bore diameter. Distinctions in caliber names may also stem from an altered cartridge that maintains the same label as its parent case. Categorizing these cartridges helps users differentiate rifles with diverse case lengths, chamber pressure, and powder charges.

Distinguishing between calibers is a complex endeavor. However, you should know the following key caliber metrics before making a purchase:

  • Bullet mass (grains)
  • Muzzle velocity (ft per second)
  • Muzzle energy (ft-lb)
  • Recoil energy (ft-lb)

Different Calibers And Their Uses

Caliber matters because it directly correlates to the type of game hunted. For example, a rifle with a higher caliber has a larger bullet and is ideal for bigger game. The following caliber types are popular options for hunters, and each offers distinct benefits:

.22 Long Rifle

Found in pistols, revolvers, and rifles, the versatile .22 LR caliber is arguably the most common ammunition worldwide. It features low recoil and a quiet sound, making it a popular choice for novice and expert hunters. The .22 LR is also relatively affordable, with hundreds of compatible guns chambered for it. The caliber is ideal for target shooting, training, and small-game hunting.

.223 Remington / 5.56×45 NATO

Intended originally as a combat rifle, the .223 Remington now works with various semi-automatic and manual-action rifles. This fast and reliable caliber is perfect for introductory shooting and survival. The .223 Remington also features a light recoil, flat trajectory, and quality ballistics. Hunters find this caliber excellent for small game and varmints.

6.5mm Creedmoor

The 6.5 Creedmoor is an increasingly sought-after caliber because it can attain good ballistics and ample downrange energy while maintaining moderately light recoil. Created for long-range target shooting, the 6.5 Creedmoor provides shot-to-shot performance precision for marksmen. You can also pair this caliber with a good spotting scope to hunt numerous animals or participate in long-range shooting competitions.

.270 Winchester

The .270 Winchester is renowned among hunters for handling big game at a significant distance. With the proper bullet, this caliber can hit targets at 1,000 yd. The caliber is chambered for autoloaders, bolt-actions, lever-actions, pump-actions, and single-shots. Ample reloading supplies and factory loads provide the .270 Winchester with staying power. You can use this caliber to hunt big game, including deer, elk, black bears, moose, caribou, antelope, hogs, sheep, goats, and coyotes.

.50 Beowulf

This caliber features thick, heavy bullets that deliver exceptional stopping power. High muzzle energy enables the .50 Beowulf to handle virtually any animal in North America within a reasonable range. Designed for use with an AR-15 rifle, the .50 Beowulf offers greater accuracy and a longer range than other rounds of similar size and weight. Since this caliber can stop vehicles, government officials frequently use it at checkpoints.

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