Our Buying Process

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If you’re interested in selling an item of value for cash, you’re in the right place. We proudly serve the Ohio communities in and around Geauga and Stark County and are ready to offer you a free quote. Learn more about the buying process at our pawn shops, which are both registered and licensed by the State of Ohio (License #PB100167.000).

What Can You Sell?

We purchase most anything of value outright, offering cash on the spot. Just a few of the types of items we buy include:

How We Value Your Items

Our experienced professionals at Geauga Pawn and Alliance Loan Company consider a variety of factors when valuing your items and making you an offer, including:

  • Item’s age and condition
  • Whether the item is rare, limited edition, or antique
  • Whether the item may soon become obsolete, especially regarding electronics
  • Current market value and demand
  • And more…

When evaluating precious metals and jewelry, our offer will reflect the value of the physical metal itself based on the current market price, but we also consider the quality and whether it is a custom or designer piece.

Items that are in new or like-new condition yield higher cash offers than items showing wear and tear. Once we determine a fair price and you accept the offer, you will receive cash instantly.

Stop in one of our locations today in Newbury and Alliance, OH to see if we can make you an offer!


  • Please ensure that you have a valid ID or driver’s license readily available.
  • Electronic devices must have their chargers, remotes, and other accessories that were originally included.