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Call or visit us today to buy, sell, or pawn your merchandise 

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We Pay Top Dollar For Almost Anything of Value!

Geauga Pawn Shop and Alliance Loan Company have built their reputation on a commitment to provide high-quality products and friendly service, which has earned them many valuable customers. Both our pawn shop locations are registered and licensed by the State of Ohio License # PB100167.000.

Since 1990 Geauga Pawn Shop and Alliance Loan Company have served residents of Northeast Ohio including customers from Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown and their surrounding suburbs. We will appraise and price your items in front of you and pay a fair price in cash.

Loan Terms: 5% monthly interest on each loan, plus a $4 monthly storage fee. For example; $100 loan is charged $5 plus $4 a month. If redeemed within 31-60 days $118, and so on. 30 days, it would be $109 to pick up. Item must be held for a minimum of 72 hours and can be held indefinitely as long as the interest/storage fees remain caught up. After 60 days with no payment, we will send a reminder in the mail ($2 fee). If the fees are not caught up after another 30 days, the item forfeits and then goes out for sale. If you want to keep your item, NEVER go more than 90 days without catching up interest/storage.

Need Cash? Contact Us To See What Your Item Is Worth.

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